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These front end loaders are designed for Australian conditions featuring excellent visibility, durable performance and solid construction...


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Case IH - Maxxum Series


Performance, versatility and comfort, designed for multitasking

Performance, versatility, comfort. A tractor like this comes once in a generation

Leading the industry

Performance, versatility, comfort. A tractor like this comes once in a generation

Maxxum tractors have joined the ranks of Case IH high horsepower tractors powered by FPT engines with proven technology that provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. Maxxum tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing. In addition to enhanced cab visibility and thoughtfully designed controls and comfort.

Operator Environment

A better day's work starts with a better workplace

Operator comfort isn’t about making the workday easy. It’s all about making every day as productive as possible, even when it starts before sunrise or stretches past sunset. The Maxxum operator environment is designed to make the long hours, and the tough tasks, fly by. The Maxxum Series provides unmatched visibility, and industry-leading cab suspension. All in all, the Case IH Maxxum cab provides the comfort and ease of operation needed to maximise in-field performance during long workdays.


Cab suspension

Reducing the shock loads to the operator by 25 percent, the Maxxum cab suspension offers superior operator comfort, both on the road and in the field. Designed with durable components, this continuously active, adjustable system offers five settings and a full four inches of cab travel.

Premium air seat

The air seat offers the latest in comfort technologies. It is equipped with a low-frequency suspension system, a retractable seat belt, an adjustable armrest and backrest, lumbar support, and base cushion adjustment.

Better visibility

The Maxxum SurroundVision cab offers unobstructed vision in all directions, including a high-visibility roof panel with optional opening window. The narrow, sloping hood is closely formed around the engine for excellent visibility of front-mounted implements.


Power & Performance

Power and performance made simple

What could be simpler? Select your horsepower, then pick your configuration. The new Case IH Maxxum series tractors are available in two configurations: with three horsepower offerings from 112 – 141 (92 – 121 PTO) engine horsepower.

Maxxum Family of Tractors

Livestock? Row crop? Roadside mowing? There's a Maxxum model for you

The Case IH Maxxum series offers you state-of-the-art features to help deliver better productivity and greater profitability. These tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing with enhanced cab visibility plus power, fuel economy, ease of use and solid performance.

Transmission and PTO

The Maxxum efficiency package for enhanced versatility and manoeuvrability

Maxxum transmissions give you the level of automation you need to optimise your productivity - both in the field and on the road. A fullyintegrated electronically-controlled PTO system on both models makes operating machinery safe and efficient.


Eco gear saves you money at 40 KPH

Maintaining 40 kph at reduced engine revs of just 1900 rpm (instead of 2200 rpm in 16th gear) means less wear to the engine and fuel savings of 10%. That represents a substantial reduction in your fuel bill if your tractor is being used for transport work as well as in the field.

Highly efficient PTO

The rear PTO on all Maxxum tractors features a 540/750/1000 rpm system driven directly direct from the engine flywheel for maximum efficiency. A soft start system gradually increases output torque during start-up to reduce the strain on machinery and driveshafts. A 1000 rpm front PTO is also available for extra versatility. Easily-accessible PTO switches are located on the tractor fenders next to the hitch buttons so machines can be operated from the ground.

Auto shift

AutoField and AutoRoad modes optimise the Semi-Powershift transmission and provide automatic shifting based on load for increased productivity and fuel savings. Gear shifts are smooth because they are based on load. Small loads and shifts will be slow, large and they will be fast.

Achieve more in a single pass with a front hitch and PTO

Boost productivity even further by operating front and rear end implement combinations simultaneously. Maxxum tractors are available with Cat II front linkages and a 1000rpm PTO fully integrated into the tractor with a maximum lift capacity of 3700kg.

Maximum Uptime

Spend your itme working with your tractor, not on it

Long as they may be, workdays are too short to spend any more time than you have to tending to your equipment. Getting the most out of yourself, and your tractor, means spending your time getting the job done. So Maxxum tractors are designed for the long hours you put in, offering more uptime and higher productivity. Long story short, you get long days, long service intervals, long service life.

Get rolling quicker every day

Maxxum series tractors are designed to make maintenance quick and easy by offering excellent service access. For instance, for routine maintenance, there’s no need to remove the service side shields. In fact, you can check the oil without even raising the hood.

It's all within reach In the spirit of keeping things simple, radiators and coolers fold out for convenient access. That means the cleaning process is quick and easy.
Go longer between oil changes

Smart engine design offers more than power and economy – it also provides longer service intervals. Maxxum tractor engine oil and filter change intervals are both 600 hours. The oil filter is easily replaced from the left side of the tractor.
A low-maintenance fuel system

Maxxum tractors feature a premium fuel filtration system as well as a standard water sensor that prevents damage to the fuel system. Like the oil change, the fuel filter change service interval is 600 hours, so it’s easy and convenient to schedule. It adds up to maximum fuel system protection for increased reliability and long component life.

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