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These front end loaders are designed for Australian conditions featuring excellent visibility, durable performance and solid construction...


Case IH Tractors

Case IH - Puma Series

107-224hp Range

Big iron power and performance in a versatile, mid-size tractor

An operator environment designed to protect you. This operator environment may seem familiar – the outstanding visibility in all directions, the

Big iron power and performance in a versatile, mid-size tractor

An operator environment designed to protect you

An operator environment designed to protect you This operator environment may seem familiar – the outstanding visibility in all directions, the suspended cab and smooth ride, the MultiControl Armrest that puts all the major tractor controls at your fingertips.

It should. It’s the same comfortable set-up you’ll find in all Case IH Steiger®, Magnum™ and Puma Series tractors.




We're taking cab comfort to a whole new level

Our suspended cab option is a continuously active, stand-alone system that reduces shock loads by 25 percent.

A suspended front axle option automatically self-levels according to load. The optional heated Positive Response seat is equipped with a seat suspension sensor that reacts 500 times a second.

These features combine to deliver the ultimate smooth, comfortable ride during long days of work, while giving you more precise control of the tractor.

Easy on your eyes... and your ears

The SurroundVision cab gives you plenty of room to move and an unobstructed 360 degree view, for clear sight to front- and rear-mounted implements.

The shatterproof roof panel – standard in the Puma 125-160 and Puma 165-225 models – lets you keep an eye on your loader in the raised position.

The instrumentation cluster is located on the A-post in your line of sight, so you don’t have to constantly look down.

And it’s one of the quietest cabs on the market, so you can use your phone while you work, talk to your partner, or just hear yourself think.

Everything you need, right at your fingertips

Set and control your speed, shift gears, change direction, control the hitch and hydraulics without ever lifting your elbow with the MultiControl armrest and MultiControl handle.

It’s convenient, comfortable and simple enough for even a rookie hired hand to use.

You can't control the weather, but you can control the climate

Case IH can equip your Puma with an automatic Climate Control system, a premium heated seat with its own suspension system, or a grid heater starting aid for fast, reliable starts in winter weather.

There’s also a High Intensity (HID) lighting option that’s five to six times brighter than standard lighting, and lasts 6,000 hours longer – because your work day doesn’t always end at sunset.


More usable horsepower when and where you need it

More usable horsepower when and where you need it Time is money. So slowing down on hilly terrain, tiptoeing through tough spots in the field, even spending too much time controlling your tractor, can all cost you.

The Case IH Puma lineup has plenty of power in a mid-size package, plus features like Power Boost, Power Growth, and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option – to deliver more power when and where you need it most, while keeping you productive.


An engine worthy of powering your Puma

Delivering Efficient Power, all Puma tractors sport a Case IH 6.7-litre, 6 cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled engine.

This power plant provides outstanding fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

The engine’s Electronic Common Rail fuel system gives you fast response in changing field conditions.

And the extended oil change intervals save you time and maintenance costs.

Power boost keeps you moving at the speed you need

Standard on all Puma tractors, Power Boost delivers additional engine horsepower when you need it.

It boosts your engine by up to 35 hp for driving at high speeds or on steep grades during road transport, for PTO operations and to meet the increased hydraulic demands of today’s larger implements.

Meanwhile, engine Power Growth reduces the need to shift in tough spots in the field or on hills.

Pick your level of power and performance

Whether you need the agility of the Puma 125–160 tractor models for loader work, or the longer wheelbase and higher horsepower of the Puma 165–225 tractor models to tackle a wide variety of mixed crop and livestock chores, there’s a Puma tractor ready for you.

Durable efficient power, less effort, and no programming required

The Case IH Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) goes easy on you, your wallet, even your new hired hand.

Available on all Puma Series tractors, CVT continually adjusts to deliver the best possible balance of power and fuel efficiency. There’s no need to program or change your settings, so you can ride easy.

Combine that with a powerful engine, and plenty of hydraulics and lift capacity and you’re ready for an easy day’s work.


Intuitive innovation

Intuitive innovation Our customers are the driving force behind the best innovations in Puma tractors. That’s because Case IH engineers work with producers in the field, then use your feedback to build even better tractors, tools and technologies.

We call this process Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD). It’s how we meet your demands for power, performance and comfort in the paddock.


Diesel Saver lets you give up the guesswork

There’s no more guessing what gear and RPM combination works best for fuel efficiency. The Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system electronically links the engine, transmission, PTO and hitch to the MultiControl armrest and foot throttle.

You choose your working speed, and Diesel Saver keeps the ground speed and PTO operation constant – despite tough spots in the field or steep hills.

APM operates with the lowest possible engine speed, and automatically finds the best balance to reduce your fuel use and increase productivity.

Plug and play autoguidance straight from the factory

It’s the fastest growing feature on farm tractors for a reason: autoguidance increases productivity and reduces costs.

With the complete factory-installed autoguidance option on Puma tractors, there’s no waiting for set-up and prep.

You choose your level of precision, and your Puma comes ready to plug and play.

Rugged components and easy maintenance

Rugged components and easy maintenance It’s the nature of farming today – producers need to cover more ground in less time. You can’t afford to be sidelined for costly service or lengthy maintenance.

That’s why we engineered Puma tractors with rugged Case IH components proven to provide years of reliable service. And why we added features like the easy-opening hood, convenient service steps to the cab and a right-hand service access door for easy cleanout and serviceability.

We also made sure that daily maintenance checks are quick, easy – and at eye level.


An engine that actually saves you time and money

Oil and filters are a significant maintenance cost.

On Case IH clean combustion engines, our 600-hour engine oil and filter service intervals save you time and money.

Keep your boots on the ground

With ground-level maintenance access, you check the engine and transmission oil without raising the bonnet.

The radiator and coolers fold out for easy cleaning.

You need your Puma to run first time, every time

Case IH high-quality manufacturing means your tractor and components live a longer life, offer exceptional productivity and reduce your cost of ownership.

For instance, the helical cut gears reduce noise levels and increase durability, quality and reliability, while delivering more efficient transfer of power.

Lights to let you run at night

When working all day isn’t enough, Case IH High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights produce three times the light of conventional halogen bulbs.

They’re more durable than filament bulbs, and require about 40 percent less power, which reduces the load on your alternator.






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