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Lely Splendimo Classic 280

Lely Splendimo Classic 280

SKU : Lely_Splendimo_Classic_280
Brand : Lely

Save on power and fuel while you mow. The unique modular cutter bar of Lely Splendimo mowers has fewer gears than other cutter bars. This means that the mower needs less fuel for the same working width. Or it can have a larger...

Lely Splendimo Classic

The simple mower with lateral drive

Saves fuel while retaining all the power

Save on power and fuel while you mow. The unique modular cutter bar of Lely Splendimo mowers has fewer gears than other cutter bars. This means that the mower needs less fuel for the same working width. Or it can have a larger working width for the same power. Choose which option best suits you.

The unique modular cutter bar forms the basis for these savings. It contains far fewer gears than other cutter bars. This ensures that you save fuel and also generate a high output with your machine at the same time.


Low power requirement

The cutter bar is formed from universal mowing units that are directly powered by a hexagonal shaft. The drive shaft runs through the centre of all of the mower discs and each mowing unit is powered by its own shaft. As a result, each mowing unit automatically only consumes the power that it needs at any particular time.

Therefore, there are no friction losses during mowing. After all, there are no separate gear transmissions as in conventional cutter bars, which suffer friction losses of at least 5%. The hexagonal shaft completely eliminates these.

This explains the low power requirement and reduced fuel consumption of Splendimo mowers. Needless to say, wider working widths result in even greater energy savings.


High output

To deliver high output, the cutter bar and its components have been designed so that the centre of the mower discs is close to the front of the cutter bar. This enables the mower discs to rotate through almost 180 degrees in the crop. It also creates more space between the discs.


Quick regrowth guaranteed

Well-cut crops promote regrowth and are good for animal feed intake. For this reason, it is important to replace the knives regularly. This is safe and easy with the Lely Clip system. The system allows you to check the wear and the fit of the knives easily. You can replace them when necessary in one simple step. This guarantees you sharp knives and quick regrowth.


Faster regrowth thanks to sharp blades

The Lely Splendimo Clip System

By mowing at the right moment you can influence the energy, nutrients and texture of forage in line with the needs of your livestock. This increases the animals’ feed intake and results in healthy and productive cattle.

Sharp blades cut the forage in just the right way without damaging it. Clean, sharp cutting stimulates faster crop regrowth. The Lely Splendimo Clip System enables you to check and replace the blades of your mower quickly and easily.

The quick-change system – the Splendimo Clip – is supplied with all models of the Lely Splendimo mower as standard. This guarantees you a mower with a low power requirement, a clean-cut crop and rapid regrowth.


The system

The clip system consists of a wear-resistant blade secured by a strong bolt, a spring-steel plate – the Splendimo clip – and a cam on the mower disc. This design enables you to replace the blades quickly and easily. It also allows you to check the bolt for wear and tear.

The system requires little maintenance, since the unique design has kept the number of loose components to a minimum. This maximises the amount of clearance underneath the mower disc. This in turn preserves the cutting pattern and reduces the power requirement.

High-quality silage through optimal ground-contour following

Get the best out of your crops by keeping soil contamination to an absolute minimum. The Splendimo Classic has excellent ground-contour following, thanks to spring-assisted relief. The spring ensures that the ground contours are accurately followed. At the same time it keeps the pressure on the ground even. This means that the crops are handled correctly while maintaining capacity.

Maximum yield at the lowest cost

The Lely Splendimo Classic is the perfect mower for maximum yield at the lowest cost. It saves on fuel because of its low weight and fuel consumption. The modular cutter bar makes it very low maintenance. It is easy to take apart yourself, making maintenance quicker. The separate parts are also properly lubricated, even in the headland position and when mowing on mountains and hills.


echnische specificaties
  Connection category Power requirements (kW/hp) Swath width (m) Weight (kg) Working width (m)
Lely Splendimo Classic 165 II 29 / 40 0,80 - 1,40 450 1,65
Lely Splendimo Classic 205 (HD) II 33 / 45 1,20 - 1,80 480 2,05
Lely Splendimo Classic 240 (HD) II 37 / 50 1,60 - 2,15 555 2,40
Lely Splendimo Classic 280 II 40 / 55 1,80 - 2,55 585 2,80
Lely Splendimo Classic 320 II 44 / 60 2,00 - 2,95 670 3,20




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