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The KUHN LSB 1290 D is a double knotters Large Square Balers in the 120 crop flow channel. The KUHN LSB 1290 D is designed with simple, but efficient techniques like INTEGRAL ROTOR and POWER DENSITY that produce ...

High density balers

The ability to produce top quality bales in all crop conditions sets KUHN Large Square Balers apart from all the others. Every minute counts when weather conditions are uncertain. The plain but well thought-out technology belonging to the POWER DENSITY pre-chamber adapts itself to the circumstances working at. Various crops are no issue for the LSB balers. Perfectly shaped bales, combined with high output and outstanding durability, ensure the KUHN LSB baler will be a profitable investment.


The KUHN LSB 1290 D is a double knotters Large Square Balers in the 120 crop flow channel. The KUHN LSB 1290 D is designed with simple, but efficient techniques like INTEGRAL ROTOR and POWER DENSITY that produce rock-hard, perfectly shaped bales.

The KUHN LSB 1290 D is capable of working in various crops such as silage, hay, straw, alfalfa, maize straw and sugar cane leaves. Where crop cutting is required, the OMNICUT cutting system will do the job. All main intake functions are protected by cam clutches to provide maximum security and efficiency. After the crop is gathered and pre-compressed in the pre-chamber, the crop is moved upwards into the bale chamber in front of the plunger. After reaching its pre-set length the bale is secured by 6 twines knotted by the patented double knotting system.

The KUHN LSB 1290 D is ISOBUS compatible.

Optional on the LSB 1290 D is a driven crop roller to reach higher capacity in dry bulky swaths and integrated bale weighing system that provides on the go feedback.


Bale length (cm)
between 60 and 300
Pickup intake width (cm)
Number of plunger strokes
46 min-1
Bale chamber density control
4 hydraulic cylinders
Bale chamber length (cm)
Number of knotters
Intake system
Integral rotor
Maximum wheel size single axle
Maximum wheel size tandem axle
620 /50-22.5
Bale dimensions width x height (cm)
120 x 90
Double knotters
Control system
ISOBUS (VT 50/CCI 200)


Integral Rotor

All KUHN LSB balers, cutting or non-cutting versions are equipped with the INTEGRAL ROTOR. This simple, maintenance free intake system ensures even feeding regardless of the various (crop) conditions.
The short distance between rotor and pick-up yields an outstanding crop flow. This force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for outstanding productivity and reduced crop damage.


Power Density

The complete mechanical POWER DENSITY system has proven its worth on all KUHN LSB balers. The system ensures consistently-filled flakes and rock-hard bales regardless of the condition of the windrow.

The continuously rotating feeder fork combines two functions into one mechanism thereby eliminating the need for complex drivelines. The INTEGRAL ROTOR actively delivers the crop to the pre-chamber throughout which, in the initial phase, it is evenly distributed by the feeder fork. Regardless of the swath form, the POWER DENSITY system guarantees a perfectly filled pre-chamber.



Besides the non-cutting OPTIFEED system, KUHN offers the OMNICUT cutting system on the LSB 1270 & LSB D models for unlimited intake capacity. The OMNICUT 23 (OC 23) provides a cutting length of 45 mm on the machines with 120 cm wide bales. With a rotor diameter of 60 cm, the OMNICUT rotor will process every swath that is placed in front of the baler. The knives on the OC 23 have individual hydraulic protection. This ensures a perfect cutting quality regardless of working speed and crop.

With just two levers the operator can easily choose from the following knife group configurations: 0 – 11 – 12 – 23. Together with the standard cassette system for easy knife changing, you notonly invest in cutting quality but, above all, driver comfort.


Cam clutch protection

All main intake components of the KUHN LSB balers are fitted with a cam type clutch. With this non-stop safety system you can unblock the machine from the operator seat. The Pick-up, Integral Rotor and feeder fork are protected with cam-type torque limiters, which are automatically activated in the event of an overload. The respective cam clutch then activates and the intake is stopped. The clutch re-engages when the operator reduces the PTO speed. Another benefit of these clutches is that they give the ability to drive at a constant speed without worrying about blockages.


Bale chamber

The specially designed bale chamber of the KUHN LSB machines is the result of more than 30 years’ experience in big square baling. With the 3 meter long bale chamber, there is plenty of space to form a perfect bale. The combination of aggressive retainers and pressure door shape brings an aggressive compaction and gentle expansion of the bale.



The 46 plunger strokes per minute result in a high compaction capacity. The plunger is guided via 4 large rollers with a diameter of 125 mm for maximum service life. The roller bearings are central greased and placed on the outside of the bale chamber which results in perfect access for inspection and maintenance.



Double knotting

The LSB D models are equipped with a double knotting system. With the electronic knotter control, the driver has accurate information concerning twine tension at all times and receives an alarm in case of risk. The knotting progress can be monitored directly from the tractor cab.

During baling, an upper (blue) and lower (red) twine is fed to the bale, because the twine is not slipping around the bale there is no tension on the twine during the bale formation.

Step 1: As the bale reaches the desired length, the needles (grey) are activated and move upwards to the knotter to start the knotting cycle. In this first step the bale is finished with the first knot.

Step 2: Once the first knot has finished the bale, the second knot connects the upper and lower twine again so the bale can be formed without stress on the twine during knotting.


The ISOBUS compatible CCI monitor has a large, color screen with outstanding clarity. Baling adjustments can be easily made via the touchscreen or by use of the intuitive, large, soft-touch keys. The CCI monitor can also be used with many other ISOBUS compatible machines.


Driven Crop roller

Optional on the LSB models is a driven crop roller. With the driven crop roller, the machine can reach up to 15% higher capacity in dry bulky swaths. For optimal performance, the crop roller is mechanically driven and protected by a cam clutch.


Integrated bale weighing system:

Use of the KUHN integrated bale weighing system provides on the go feedback about the bale weight plus direct insight in your crop yield. With this information, you will have the possibility to organize your transport chain as efficient as possible.

This will boost the productivity and profitability of your baling operation.


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