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Jarrett have been manufacturing slashers for over 60 years.  Each new model release builds upon the strengths of the previous model and our Redback Series slashers are no exception!  A whole New Design with More Features at a Better Price makes this series our best yet.  Add our famous Jarrett Quality – that we will never deviate from – and the Redback Series is definitely on top of today’s wish list for anyone purchasing a slasher.




General Construction


Headstock Linkage


Body Guarding







Specifications Models
RB 4-40 RB 5-40 RB 5-75 RB 6-75 RB 6-100 RB 6-130 RB 7-100 RB 7-130
Body Plate thickness (mm) 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6
Cutting width (mm) 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800 1800 2100 2100
Gearbox hp (kw) 40 (30) 40 (30) 75 (56) 75/56 100 (75) 130 (97) 100 (75) 130 (97)
Drive Shaft Series S4 S4 S6 S6 S6 S6 S6 S6
Blue’ Clutch Diameter (mm) 150 150 200 200 200 200 200 200
Tip Speed ft/min (m/s) 12,900 (65) 16,400 (85) 16,400 (85) 19,600 (100) 19,600 (100) 19,600 (100) 17,300 (88) 17,300 (88)





2-piece reinforced rubber guarding as standard issue or a bolt on rear chain (optional extra)

12mm body skid legs are folded and supported by the full-length body shoulder gusset

One piece body sheet with a 3 degree slope helps material dislodge for easy cleaning

The body, headstock and solid backstays create a triangle (one of the strongest engineering structures) to provide strength and rigidity (especially useful when reversing into dense undergrowth)

Superior centre  body strength from full length  angles bracing and 8mm Gearbox Plate to create a rigid ‘H’ structure

Central, left and right offsets allow the headstock to be mounted in three different positions for more setup options

8mm gusset plates, front and rear add extra support to the 6mm formed plate aprons

Bolt-on fabricated front chain  provides a stronger guard and allows easy link replacement if damaged.

8mm skid height plates lock the skids into four height positions while adding support the skids

Full length body shoulder gussets  add further  strength to the folded shoulders of the body sheet

Total-Clean top deck design means no debris collection points

Double leg Cat II headstock with Cat II lifting pins (100Hp GB) Models RB 6 -100 and RB 7-100

Folded body shoulders provide added strength and a smooth finish along its length

Single leg Cat I headstock with Cat I lifting pins (45Hp GB) Models RB 4-40 and RB 5-40

Contour control top link slide for a better cut and a transport lock position for safer travelling