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These front end loaders are designed for Australian conditions featuring excellent visibility, durable performance and solid construction...


Case IH - Farmall JX Series

70-110hp Range

More from the land. More from yourself. More from your equipment. Which is why we also demand more. More powerful engines. More productivity boosting features.

More approachable and knowledgeable Case IH experts. And we do all this to better serve you and the needs of your operation.

More from the land. More from yourself. More from your equipment. Which is why we also demand more. More powerful engines. More productivity boosting features. More approachable and knowledgeable Case IH experts. And we do all this to better serve you and the needs of your operation.

Power & Performance

The power to perform

With six models between 70 and 110 hp, whatever the power requirements of your business, there will be a Farmall JX to fit your needs. Economical without comprimising on power and durability, Farmall JX delivers unbeatable value for money. Farmall JX tractors are powered by turbocharged and intercooled engines to give you maximum power for less fuel consumption.  Up to 30% torque rise means fewer gear changes and greater efficiency, and the results speak for themselves.


Plenty of capacity

These are tractors that deliver their power precisely to where it’s needed most – at the wheels, at the drawbar, at the link ends, at the PTO and through the hydraulics.


Easy maintenance

Engine oil checks are possible without lifting the hood. The single-piece bonnet gives easy access to the cooling package for cleaning purposes. The optional dust ejector extend the service interval of the air filter.


Big fuel tank capacity for longer working days

The Farmall JX Range comes standard with a big 110 litre fuel tank, ensuring you stay productive so the working day is not interrupted by the need to refuel.


Efficiency and Economy

Transmission & PTO

The Farmall JX Range can be configured with a wide range of transmissions to suite any type of application. Gear speeds are spaced to have a steady progression between ranges and be fully compatible with operations around the yard, in the field or on road transport. Choose the transmission that best fits your needs. Choose between an economical 12x12 mechanical shuttle, or a 12x12 hydraulic Powershuttle, all with a maximum travel speed of 30 km/h.

More working choice

For specialist applications, optional creep speed provides an additional 8 forward speeds resulting in 250 metres per hour at rated engine speed. During operation, these ratios are engaged and disengaged by a separate lever transforming Farmall JX into the ideal vegetable planting or harvesting machine.


Excel at handling

The hydraulic Powershuttle is particularly useful for the repetitive forward and reverse driving in loader applications. When equipped with a front end loader from the Case IH loader range, your Farmall JX will excel at lifting and handling big bales or other bulk materials to make light work of the biggest task.

PTO efficiency

PTO speed selection is courtesy of an easy to reach lever, with a choice between a mechanical or hydraulically assisted PTO engagement. A PTO with 540/1000 rpm working speed is standard, and suits all applications. Groundspeed PTO is standard throughout the range.

Intuitive Innovation

Rugged and reliable.  Putting power right where it's required

The Farmall JX provides fuel efficiency matched by a powerful engine and proven transmission. Hydraulic pump output is up to  51.7 l/min, and up to three rear remote valves are available, with a mid-mount connection for loader operation.



Efficient field performance

For impressive in-field traction, and safety when operating on slopes, the Case IH 4WD front axle is unbeatable. In loose soils or wet conditions, the limited slip differential, acting on front axle and automatic differential lock at the rear axle, will ensure you keep moving.

Easy hitch control

The robust rear 3 point hitch is capable of lifting and handling implements of up to 3,565 kg with ease (3,000 kg on Farmall JX 70). Depending on the nature of your work, separate levers allow the setting of hitch position and draft control for soil engaging implements, or any mix of the two.

Move confidently

A dedicated high flow steering pump enables confident operation. In and around farm buildings the tight turning axle delivers a minimum of 5.3 m turn radius and easy manoeuvrability.

Loader option

Case IH offers a range of loaders to suit the Farmall JX and your operation.

Fast and safe

For additional assurance of safe stopping in all conditions, a braked front axle is optional on all 4WD models.


Operator Environment

Take a seat. The comfort zone

With wide-opening, solid glass doors and anti-slip steps, it’s easy to get in and out of a Farmall JX. All essential controls are logically positioned and within easy reach to make time spent at work more comfortable and more productive. The driving comfort required to make day-long multi-tasking a pleasure is the focus of the Farmall JX design. One look at the new Farmall JX and it’s instantly recognisable as a Case IH tractor. It’s styled just like its bigger brothers – and with good reason. Climb in, sit down, shut the door and turn the key, and you’ll start to see why. It means you get a cab that’s quieter – a reduction of 2 dB(A) over its predecessor – for a working environment that leaves you feeling more refreshed. Greater use of driver modelling has produced a more ergonomic design, making those repetitive tasks a little less arduous. Externally, new worklights front and rear are integrated into the roof for protection, and are fully adjustable. In short, the whole package is designed to make you, and your business, more productive.




Sitting in comfort

Drivers of Farmall JX quickly become comfortable, and remain at their best right through the day. Seat armrests are standard equipment, the seat is readily adjusted to their needs and the suspension smooths out the shocks from rough field conditions or road transport. For additional comfort an air suspension seat can now be specified.

Steering mounted shuttle

An optional steering column-mounted hydraulic shuttle allows for direction changes without clutching, ideal for loader work, yard scraping or field tasks requiring tight headland turns – no more aching left leg muscles after a long day’s work.


When a task needs completing and you have to work late, you can have complete confidence in Farmall JX tractors to help you get the job done. With up to six roofmounted worklights available to light the way, you can safely stay on until the job is done.



Farmall C

75-115hp Range - Getting the job done can mean working the whole day every day. And it means having equipment that works as hard as you do. The Farmall C series tractors from Case IH are more than ready to do their part ...


Farmall B

23-57hp Range - Thanks to smart design, rugged construction and reliable horsepower, Farmall B Series tractors deliver tons of performance in a compact size.


Farmall JX

70-110hp Range - More from the land. More from yourself. More from your equipment.


Farmall U

105-115hp Range - The Farmall name is deeply rooted in the history of Case IH, with the first powerful, versatile tractors to bear the legendary brand produced in 1923...


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