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We integrated a multitude of features into the new RB design so that every model is capable of baling the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency. The bale size can be altered and monitored

Perfectly formed round bales

Multi-Crop Technology

RB variable round balers - Capacity and density go together

We integrated a multitude of features into the new RB design so that every model is capable of baling the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency. The bale size can be altered and monitored from the comfort of the tractor seat and the wrapping system is unbeatable – so there’s no need for you to worry about the crop type or conditions; you just follow the swath.



Performance at your fingertips: intuitive control of the baler with the advanced ISOBUS compatible colour monitors – suited to all types of tractors and customer requirements.

High speed pickup

Clean pick-up of all crop types with new heavy duty 5-bar pick-up with heavy duty tynes. The new double auger with integrated feeding roll allows high capacity baling in large windrows.

Drop floor & rotor cutter option

Work in comfort: choose from rotor feeder and rotor cutting versions. In the latter the 15 knives, protected from stones, can easily be replaced without using tools. The drop floor on all models allows quick clearing of a plug without leaving the tractor seat.

New belts

Minimum crop losses: the endless belts keep a strong grip on the bales and with four belts losses of valuable crop are cut to a minimum.

Dual density cylinders

High efficiency, high quality: the dual density cylinders allow you to add extra weight to the bale, making this an industry leading high density baler. Fewer, heavier bales require less transport and storage, and promise higher silage quality.


Ground access: all service points can be easily reached thanks to wide opening doors that provide easy access. The baler is fitted with long life heavy duty chains which are lubricated each time the rear door is opened. Net rolls are easily changed from ground level.

Operator Controls

Maximum control at your fingertips

Whether you use the ISObus monitor in your tractor or the Case IH AFS Pro 300 or Pro 700 touchscreen monitor, the baler’s standardized software and intuitive operator interface keeps you in total control from the moment you start to bale. You can make tuning adjustments on the move without leaving your seat and the self-diagnostic alarm system will keep you fully informed should any problem arise.

Total control - Performance at your fingertips

The unique bale performance monitor gives you full control from the moment you start to bale, with twine or net available at the touch of a button. The touchscreen control system with manual or automatic modes enables you to operate all the baler’s major functions. The operator interface is clearly laid out and intuitive enough that even new drivers of Case IH RB balers achieve maximum productivity from the start. All essential set-up and operating data are at your fingertips, including the number of bales produced during the day, chopped or unchopped, wrapped with net or twine. The monitor provides you the information you need to quickly resolve any service issues. In addition, once the baler is set up, you never have to change any settings, even if you use a different tractor – the control system remains the same whether you use the Case IH monitor or any ISOBUS tractor terminal.

Transport mode

PTO speed, hours worked, number of bales plus lubrication and additional operating information can be displayed on-screen. In transport mode, the flashing warning beacon works automatically.

Baling mode

Above 600 rpm PTO speed the screen changes automatically; the beacon is switched off and lubrication system switched on. In baling mode, a series of automatic alarms enable the operator to monitor baler performance such as bale formation, wrapping cycles, bale count as well as other baler performance data.

Quality bales from the start

As the bale chamber fills, sensors record the size and condition of the bale. This allows the operator to drive down any size or shape of windrow and maintain the optimum bale shape and density. As soon as the desired bale size is reached the bale is automatically wrapped with twine or net, ready for the operator to eject. It’s simple, fast and very efficient - the ultimate in flexibility. With the RB electronic system, operators can choose twine or net and change the rolls in just a few minutes.

Automatic wrapping control

The bale performance monitor is pre-programmed with four settings that can be selected depending on crop type and conditions, plus a fifth programmable setting available to suit individual bale wrapping preferences. By using the ‘wrap’ key a precise amount of netting can be applied to the bale between 1.5 and 6 rotations. This ensures that the bale is perfectly presented and wrapped from edge to edge. A self-diagnostic system is designed to instantly alert the operator should any malfunction occur in the system during the baling process.

Pick-Up and Cutting

Boost daily output

You can count on the RB variable chamber balers to work at high speed with great precision, leaving no trace of crop in the field, delivering high productivity in all conditions and all crops. The new 5-bar pick-up will make short work of heavy windrows. The pick-up feeds the rotor feeder or cutter through an enlarged opening so that it can easily handle heavy crops.

High performance pick-up

The new high speed 5 bar pick-up features a new heavy-duty rubber mounted steel tyne designed to feed at high working speeds. The high capacity dual side augers feed the crop to the rotor or cutter assembly assisted by a top feeder roller for even greater capacity.

Rotor cutting

Designed as an integral part of the baling system, the rotor cutter will produce high density, nutritious bales. Up to 15 knives are hydraulically controlled from the tractor and individually spring loaded to prevent unwanted material causing damage to the knives.

Unstoppable drop floor

A hydraulically controlled drop floor is standard on all models. Control of the drop floor is from the operator’s seat via the control monitor.

Bale Formation

Robust, reliable, long lasting

The variable chamber is perfect for customers who need a flexible bale size to suit their crop and storage conditions. To produce the ideal core, belt tension and core density are controlled by coil springs. As soon as the core is formed and the bale starts to grow, the belt tension and density are increased dramatically. For exceptionally high density requirements, powerful dual hydraulic density cylinders control the position of the belt tension arm. An easy to adjust density control valve allows the operator to make precise and accurate adjustments to suit crop conditions and customer bale density requirements. During operation a pressure indicator gauge can be viewed from the cab.

Better by design

The RB design allows for relatively short belts to be used in conjunction with the formation rollers. Four high strength endless belts produce perfectly formed high density bales, with outstanding weathering characteristics. Excellent belt surface grip rotates the bale as it forms, without slipping or jamming, producing a tightly packed well formed bale with a weather resistant surface. Two of the lower tailgate rollers are adjustable for continued high performance of the belts.

Bale center perfectly formed

Four individual rollers form part of the bale chamber design, the rollers form a small chamber to start early crop rotation.

Binding and Wrapping

Perfect over-edge wrapping

This fast and efficient net wrapping system positively places the net around the bale covering the edges of the bale. The number of wraps can be adjusted from the monitor to suit customer requirements. Even when the crop is wet, wilted or dry, the RB will deliver long-lasting weather resistant bales time after time.

Easy to operate

The net and twine wrapping cycle can be started either manually or automatically from the monitor to suit individual requirements. The net or twine wrapping of the bale can easily be viewed from the tractor. Twine or net roll are easily and quickly loaded from the front of the machine.

Optional high speed twine wrapping

Two telescopic twine arms mounted at the heart of the machine wrap the bales with a twine fed by up to six twine rolls. The twine is placed evenly across the bale width with the ability to wrap additional twine at the end of the bale for greater bale stability. The number of twine wraps is adjustable from the monitor in the tractor cab.

Total efficiency to the end

The bale ejection system rolls out the bale with enough clearance to allow the tailgate to close without interrupting baling. Depending on its specification, the baler can carry up to two spare net rolls in the additional net storage compartment at the rear.

Easy Service

Easy service more. Time in the field

Strong reliable shaft and chain drive systems extend the working life of the baler, with the main drive and rollers protected by slip clutches. An automatic lubrication system is fitted to ensure that the main drive chains are continuously oiled.





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