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Case IH - Farmall U Series

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The Farmall name is deeply rooted in the history of Case IH, with the first powerful, versatile tractors to bear the legendary brand produced in 1923. Today’s Farmall tractors share their forebears’ design emphasis on manoeuvrability, compact dimensions, ease of operation and a high power-to-weight ratio, creating a line of tractors capable of a huge range of tasks. Robust and reliable, these tractors are designed to take on general duties on arable farms, tough tasks on livestock units, and daily farm business. Whether working with mounted machinery, trailed equipment, with a loader or on transport duties, versatile Farmall U tractors more than live up to the reputation of the famous Farmall name.

The versatile tractor with year round capability

Proven track record

With a more powerful engine delivering higher levels of torque and performance across the range, coupled to the proven design features of cab and transmission, new Farmall U is a force to be reckoned with. The high power to weight ratio and nimble manoeuvrability makes new Farmall U even better suited to the PTO driven tasks, front loader operation and general haulage tasks of your operation.

Farmall U drives the business

This reliable hardworking utility tractor has the ability to handle the everyday tasks of operation in livestock, dairy, and arable farming in either the leading role or as support to more powerful tractors. In peak season when the hours are long and the job must get done, Farmall U will rise to the challenge and enable the team to deliver and is equally at home in Municipal applications.

Specified to your application

An extensive range of options including front loaders, front linkage and PTO, turf, industrial or agricultural tyres means Farmall U tractors will arrive fully equipped and ready to work. In addition, cab versions can be customised with performance monitors and ISO connector to enable data transfer between tractor and implement to suit the intended implements or task.

World class manufacturing

World class manufacturing stands for competence, quality and performance of enthusiastic staff. Processes are optimised, and testing as well as controls follow strict regulations which go far beyond common standards. The clear focus is: to deliver machines which are ideal for the individual farmer.

Take a walk around

All-day comfort

A large air-conditioned cab with 5.2m2 glass area provides a superb operator environment. Inside a comfortable driver seat and passenger seat takes the stress out of the longest working day. A logical control layout and clear concise information displays complete the package.

All-round vision

The Farmall U cab features ‘surround’ vision from unsurpassed sight lines, courtesy of full-length glass doors, broad front and rear windows and an opening cab roof window for best-in-class loader visibility. The result is unobstructed views in every direction.

Powerful and fuel-efficient

Proven FPT engines with common rail fuelling technology and exhaust after-treatment meet Stage IIIB emissions legislation. Quick acceleration, more torque and constant maximum power is available between 1,900 and 2.300 rpm.

High-capacity hydraulics

An EHC (Electronic Hitch Control) is standard. With a choice of up to three rear and two mid-mounted hydraulic remote valves, hydraulic flow can be directed as required to control a wide range of equipment. At the rear linkage, there’s maximum 5,424 kg (OECD) of lifting power.


Durable driveline

Farmall U models are equipped with a 16 x 16 40kph Semi-Powershift Transmission. The Farmall U series transmission was structurally developed by downsizing the proven Maxxum 16 x 16 transmission. All transmissions are equipped with Powershuttle.

The perfect loader tractor

For your convenience, Case IH provides the option of two loaders. Choose from the heavy-duty Vision-Lift or the premium Prime-Lift, which are all manufactured to match the Farmall U tractor line.

Maximum uptime

Longer service intervals of 600 hours mean that Farmall U tractors spend much more time at work, much less in the workshop.

Cab suspension

The new optional cab suspension system improves ride comfort, reduces operator fatigue and allows full productivity to be maintained throughout even the longest working day.


The Cab

Comfortable and accessible

Day-long driving comfort, whatever the task, is a hallmark of the Farmall U tractor range. Non-skid steps and wide-opening, solid-glass doors ensure safe and comfortable access.

The feel-good tractor

The comfort of the suspended seat enables more precise ride comfort adjustments to better compensate for rough terrain. For a breath of fresh air, the side windows or roof hatch can be opened, whilst an opening front windscreen is available as an option.

Adjust to your personal comfort

The drivers seat and steering column are fully adjustable to achieve the most comfortable working position for operators large and small. For maximum comfort standard is a frequency suspension and heated cushions. When not in use the passenger seat folds neatly to ensure easy entry and exit.

Turn night into day

There are a wide variety of lighting packages available for the Farmall U, including full sets of front and rear worklights that help ensure all areas of working implements are easily illuminated.

Comfort zone

Ten air outlets on the steering console allow drivers to create a comfortable working environment according to the season. Factory-installed air conditioning ensures a cool operating environment and rapid demisting whatever the outside temperature.

All around visibility

With unsurpassed sight lines, the Farmall U cab features surround vision and an opening highvisibility cab roof window for unobstructed views in all directions.


The controls

Easy to operate

All essential controls are logically positioned and within easy reach to make time spent at work more comfortable and productive.

Clearly defined

A new instrument display makes it easy to keep abreast of critical tractor information like fuel level and PTO speed.

Easy to read

Dash display and powershuttle control tilt with the steering column.

Stay focused

All of the main operating controls are grouped to the operator’s right, and are laid out so that operation soon becomes intuitive.


A steering column-mounted hydraulic shuttle option allows for direction changes without clutching, ideal for loader work, yard scraping or field tasks requiring tight headland turns – no more aching left leg muscles after a long day’s work.



Farmall U tractors are powered by 4-cylinder engines which are turbocharged and intercooled to give you maximum power for minimal fuel consumption. A steep torque rise means quick acceleration on the road and aggressive pulling power in the field, while constant power ensures peak performance in PTO applications.

Higher power, lower costs

These new generation engines are designed to deliver the kind of power you expect from a Case IH tractor while keeping running costs to a minimum. Maximum torque at 1,500 rpm is a massive 461Nm on the Farmall 115 U and rated speed is at 2,300 rpm resulting in lower fuel consumption. And with service intervals at 600 hours you save on servicing costs too.

Power when and where you need it

Excellent power output across a wide rpm bandwidth means less gear shifting and increased economy as a result. Even at low engine speed, the high starting torque gives you aggressive pulling power and the steep power curve gives you the boost you need for operating PTO and hydraulics comfortably and efficiently.


Keep driving! Daily checks and cleaning have been made easier with the new swing-out radiator package, while the air filter is conveniently located for quick inspection. And it’s simple to check the oil level, with no need to open the engine hood.

Power management

The Farmall U features Constant Engine RPM (CERPM). This feature allows the operator to create two pre-set engine RPM levels. The CERPM allows the operator to maintain engine speed in varying conditions such as baling hay on uneven terrain. This is another feature that reduces the fatigue on the operator for those long days in the field.

All-weather performance

New high density radiators protected by fine mesh debris screens pack more cooling into smaller dimensions for fast and effective heat rejection even when operating in high ambient temperatures


Transmission & PTO

Farmall U transmissions and PTO drives are engineered for the highest degree of efficiency and reliability. Precision helical gears and forced lubrication systems are perfectly matched to the engine and driveline for endurance and performance.

Proven transmission

Farmall U models are equipped with a 16 x 16 40kph Semi-Powershift Transmission. The Semi-Powershift Transmission offered in the Farmall U series was structurally developed by utilising the proven Maxxum 16x16 transmission. Operator fatigue is reduced with all shift performed on one ever and for added convenience, an additional set of shift controls are located near the 3-point hitch controls.

More transmission choices

An optional 32 x 32 creeper gear box allows speeds as low as 260 metres/hour. All transmissions are equipped with Powershuttle, which can be modulated for medium/fast response.

PTO power for every task

The Farmall U is equipped with a 3 speed PTO (540/540E/1000). The PTO driveline of Farmall U transmits maximum power for a year’s worth of activity, from cultivating, feeding and spraying. For implements with low power requirements, such as sprayers or rotary brushes the 540 Economy speed provides 540 rpm rotation speed at 65% engine speed for greater fuel efficiency and reduced engine noise. In every application the easy operation and ready power delivery will give you the edge and keep you on schedule.

Extend the versatility

Equipping your Farmall U tractor with front lift linkage and front PTO and increase your productivity. For stationary applications, like water or slurry pumping, the external fender mounted PTO switches eases operation and improves safety when working alone.


Hydraulics & Loaders

Around the yard and in the field, multitasking Farmall U tractors power your business forward, moving muck, shifting silage, getting grain and ferrying fertiliser.

Multifunction hydraulic power

Farmall U tractors can be specified with up to three rear and two mid-mounted hydraulic remote valves as standard, allowing them to operate all sorts of equipment. The rear linkage has the capacity to lift a maximum of 5,424kg. As well as front and/or rearmounted equipment, the Farmall U is designed to work harmoniously with a front loader. In the field, on the road and around the farmyard, you can rely on the Farmall U to deliver top productivity cost effectively.

Case IH Loaders are ready to work for you

For your convenience, Case IH provides the option of two loaders. Choose from the heavy-duty Vision-Lift or the premium Prime-Lift, which are all manufactured to match the Farmall U tractor line. Your dealer can help you choose the one that’s right for you. Each model is standard with mechanical self-leveling and can be optioned with a 1800mm or 2100mm quick attach general purpose or 4in 1 bucket and a standard bonnet bump guard.

Quick attach buckets

The AUS style quick attach coupler, features a large 31.75mm locking pin or can be optioned with the EURO style quick attach coupler which makes changing buckets and other attachments easy. Vision-Lift loaders can be optioned with an hydraulic quick attach coupler allowing the operator to never have to get out of the tractor.10


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